Given the success of the Hijas, the new girl’s village nearby San Martin de Porres, the JDVSF evaluated what additional infrastructure was needed to make it a fully independent hamlet. Currently, the girls go to school at San Martin de Porres, which is a 30 min walk distance. With additional support from local donors who are building a small chapel for the Hijas Village, as well as a large construction company donating cement for the project, the JDVSF has decided to fund the creation of a new building for a school.

Considering current capacity of the Village, and the available land, the JDVSF decided to build a two story multi-purpose building with kitchen and dining facilities on the ground floor and school amenities above. Construction will start in the fall, and the JDFVS will dedicate both 2016 and 2017 budgets to completion of this important facility, pictured above in architectural rendering.

John D.V. Salvador