A Commitment to Change Lives

The John D.V. Salvador Foundation (JDVSF) works to establish, fund, and support programs to benefit children who, without the consistent care of loving parents, might fall victim to poverty, disability, and abuse. Founded on the principle that children need and deserve a healthy, supportive environment, the JDVSF has developed a unique model for helping young people who, tragically, cannot look to their parents for the nurturing they need to develop their innate, unique gifts. By partnering with local organizations and individuals with a proven track record of serving at-risk communities, the JDVSF now serves as a trusted conduit for generous donors from all walks of corporate and private life who wish to see their pledges put to best immediate use. With the near completion of its first project, an extensive expansion of the St. Martin de Porres home for street children, in Bustos, Bulacan, the JDVSF has established itself as the trusted vehicle by which generous individuals from around the world give what they can to those who need it most.

Our Vision

Every child is unique and has potential. Since John did not have the opportunity to develop his full potential and make a difference in the lives of others, we at The John D.V. Salvador Foundation would like to give at-risk children that opportunity, in his memory.

Our Mission

As children grow, they enrich the lives of those around them. Once they mature they have the potential to make a difference in their communities. In order to fully develop this potential, children need and deserve a healthy, secure, and supportive environment. The John D.V. Salvador Foundation (JDVSF) works to promote, support, fund, and establish programs that will help children who because they are orphans and/or live with poverty, disability, and abuse may not get the chance to develop the innate skills and gifts they possess. The JDVSF is committed to having a direct impact on improving the well being and lives of these children.



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